Why I Needed to Break My Foot

I have an amazing friend who has had 2 near death experiences where she met God and talked with Jesus. Besides that, she was born very open to the spirit world; very psychic. Her connection with the world of energy and spirit is tremendous, and one I implicitly trust. When I want to know the meaning behind an event, I check in with my own intuition first, and then check things out with her. Having deeper meaning, a sometimes new perspective, has always helped things make sense for me.

With having broken my foot just over a week ago, I could have sat down and sunk into a deep pity party. It would have been so easy to do. I can’t drive now. Getting around and doing half of what I normally do, tires me out so much. And a trip I had planned to visit family and have lots of fun, is now off the table. I just cancelled hotel reservations, a rental car reservation, and am about to cancel our flight. And I just found out that I need surgery to repair a tendon that tore, and to remove an extra bone that broke, in my foot.  No one would blame me for wallowing in misery for a while.

But because of how I think these days, the first thing that popped into my head was, what’s the real purpose behind this injury. Obviously, slowing down and taking time to rest came up right off the bat. But my psychic friend was able to give me even deeper insight into it all.

She told me that when we suffer abuse- each abuse incident- the child fractures off. There are children to heal inside of me. I am adult now and it’s time to help heal them and integrate them back into myself. I have done a lot of work to heal on the energetic level. But now I need to have time to sit and let the energies do what they do. HEAL me.

I have a feeling that I’m going to be a different person at the end of this summer, than at the beginning. With surgery coming up on July 15, I don’t know how much I’ll be writing. So if it’s a while, bear with me. I’ll be back.


2 thoughts on “Why I Needed to Break My Foot

  1. Hope Awaits

    I’m so sorry that you’ve broken your foot! That’s good that you are allowing yourself to heal physically and spiritually; it’s so fundamental to living a healthy life. Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and I hope your surgery is without complications 🙂


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