Looking At Life From A Different Perspective

Over the past 4 years, I’ve learned to look at life from a different perspective. This is what “waking up” spiritually has done for me. I first learned about perspective in college during the first sociology class I ever took, when I was taught to look at a scene and glean two different judgments from it. The scene is being apart from your loved one for a while. One perspective is, “out of sight, out of mind.” The other is, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Several years ago, before I even woke up, I had a handful of experiences during hypnotherapy sessions that blew my mind at the time. These experiences were not suggested to me while in hypnosis, and I wasn’t prompted or influenced to have them. They spontaneously happened. And they were all metaphysical.

Billy Fingers shift in perspective

One of these experiences involved my seeing myself and a spiritual guide talking about and reviewing the life I was about to enter into. They talked about a challenge that I wanted to work on during this lifetime, and I knew in a flash that we plan to work on lessons or challenges during our lives, in order for us to grow. I also knew that we have guides in spirit that are always available to us. The last thing I remember vividly was the knowing that when I die, there is no external God that sits in judgment of us and our life. We review the life we just lived and decide where we could have done better, perhaps planning to repeat a lesson that we didn’t master.

Billy Fingers you are a soul

Working with people who have easy access to the spiritual realm, has helped me to find some answers about my particular life’s challenges. During one psychic reading and healing session, I learned that my older brother and I spent a lifetime together where we set things up so that he would dominate me sexually and have power over me. The goal was for me to be able to move past the hurt and pain. Unfortunately, in that lifetime, between the parameters that were set up, and free will decisions that were made along the way, I did not get past any of the hurt or pain, and ended up taking my life. The healing session helped bring back some bits of me that had been lost along the way.

Billy Fingers do the dance together

Since having this experience and more, I have come across books, videos, websites and more, that speak to the idea of our planning our life before we are born. Our soul has a deep desire to grow and to expand by having a variety of experiences. To accomplish this growth, our soul may decide to enter a human body on planet earth. There are actually other options, but this is one of the most challenging, giving our soul the potential for a lot of growth. So that we have the best chance of succeeding in our mission of living this lifetime, a veil of forgetfulness is brought down into our brain, erasing the memory our other lifetimes and our life in spirit between lifetimes. We also forget that we have direct connection to the source that created us all; that which I call God.

There are some people, however, who haven’t lost these memories or connection to this spirit world. I have met many, and even a few who remember their lives back to when they originally split off from God, being created into a seemingly separate soul. I’ve also learned that it is possible to reach or connect to this other world a number of ways. Meditation is one way. And my current favorite is using hypnotherapy.

Billy Fingers you are magnificent can be painful

Since learning that we actually participate in planning our lives, I now know that we create agreements and contracts with other souls, in order to work out karmic balancing, and for us to expand by having a variety of life experiences. We set up relationships like who our family members will be, potential spouses, friends and other people in our lives who will become our teachers. We also set up the potential to create things in our life; like accidents, injury, or serious illness. We pick our sex, sexual orientation, our nationality, color, creed, whether our body will be born healthy or not, if we will have a handicap, or will be on the autism spectrum.

With a goal of growth and expansion, we set up things in our life to bring on pain. After all, pain is one of the biggest motivators for change. Terri Daniel speaks beautifully about pain and forgiveness in this short video. She learned that her life’s plan of being a mother and then losing her son was designed to give her the best shot of becoming a minister and intuitive counselor who assists dying and grieving individuals to discover a more spiritually spacious understanding of death and beyond. The healing work she does today is incredible. I’ve recently been watching several videos online and plan to buy at least one of her books.

An author and hypnotherapist I recently discovered, who has written about our souls plans, what they are, why they are, and more, is Robert Schwartz. His work is excellent.

One of the earlier books I discovered that talks about soul families and soul’s plans, is Journey of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton.  I’m linking to his book on his website in case anyone wants to explore his website further.

A blog that I read regularly and love, is called Ask The Council. It is written by a man, Bob, and his wife, Cynthia. Cynthia has the ability to channel a group in spirit, who call themselves The Council. People write questions on the blog, and they are answered by The Council. Here is one of their posts that speaks to agreements made between souls before entering into a life. It talks about the highly charged issue of abortion.

Billy Fingers life is learning experience

The last author I’m going to introduce you to today is Annie Kagan. After her heroin addicted, alcoholic brother suddenly died, Annie was grief-stricken. A few weeks later, he came to her. Once he convinced her she wasn’t going crazy, and she wasn’t making it up, Annie began communicating with her dead brother. The wisdom he shared about life and death in Annie’s book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, brought tremendous amounts of peace to my heart. And it confirmed a few things I’d learned about what happens when we die, that I discovered in my own hypnotherapy sessions: like, there being no judgmental, damning God appearing at the pearly gates. The Facebook Page for The Afterlife of Billy Fingers is one of my favorites for inspirational quotes (from the book).

Billy Fingers earth is a game

So what’s the big deal about being able to see life through the lens of different perspectives? It has helped me to literally shift energy, to move out what I see as old, stuck, crap that I’ve kept with me for a lifetime. When I’m able to loosen my grip on old hurts, old pain, old anger, it can finally move out of my body and my energy field. What’s the result of that? Healing of physical and emotional hurts and diseases. And who wouldn’t want to feel better?

Billy Fingers you forget your magificence

That said, please know that my way is not the only way to feel better and to heal. It’s the path that I’ve found and followed, and seems to be working for me. There are as many paths and ways to heal as there are people on the planet. To find your path, listen to and follow your heart. It will never steer you wrong.

Billy Fingers other dimensions


4 thoughts on “Looking At Life From A Different Perspective

  1. Karin

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. I know the Michael Newton and Robert Schwartz books. They are great. I haven’t heard of the Billy Fingers book yet, but it sounds really good. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. persephone2013 Post author

      You’re very welcome. I highly recommend the Billy Fingers book. One of the biggest things I got out of it was the perspective that even though Billy had a life of addiction, struggle, and letting his family down, it was not a “bad” life. We put so much judgment on our lives, and often it’s the cause of our suffering.

  2. BigLizzy


    You have given us yet another awesome post. This so entices my psyche. I’m eager to explore the info on The Council; I hadn’t heard of Bob and Cynthia, so I’m heading over to the site right now.

    I knew about Billy Fingers and of course, my all-time favorite Dr. Newton with his Journey of Souls work. What I love is that there is always new stuff to explore. I love getting new bits of information and nudges from the universe on directions to take.

    Thank you for being here, sis. I know that I say that to you all of the time, but it feels so good to know that we are in the same tribe. I love you. Keep rocking your healing journey. You know that you raise everyone else up as a result. We all owe you so much, sis. Mwah!


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