Monthly Archives: December 2015

Life Is An Accordion

Breathe. Just breathe.
A few more hours. Just a few more.
Phew, dinner is done. Now I can rest.
Bed. My savior.
And yet the sleep is beyond restless.
I wake exhausted.
I feel like shit.
I don’t feel well
about life or about anything.
Isn’t there a pill or something
that will take away this awful feeling?
Isn’t there something I can do to feel normal again?
Will I ever feel normal again?
This really sucks.

Hang on. Have faith.

The sun does come out again.
The birds begin to chirp and sing.
The brain awakens feeling pretty good
for a change.
Life’s not so bad after all.
I actually do have energy to make it through my day.
I can do this.
My smile comes from my heart this time.

Life squeezes me.
Then it lets me breathe.
It squeezes again.
And once again I can breathe.

Today I’m struggling to breathe.
But I know it won’t be forever.