Start From The Beginning

Here’s a link to the first post on this site. I recommend starting from the beginning. I began this blog almost exactly four months after my bipolar mother took her life, and my healing was finally able to kick into overdrive.

It’s difficult to heal from an abusive relationship while the person is still in your life. With my mother finally gone, I was able to dig in deep and start fully understanding the depth of the dysfunction of my childhood, and to use a variety of energy healing modalities to propel my healing into overdrive. My favorite technique is hypnosis, because it allows me to follow threads back to wherever I need, and to see what needs to be healed. It creates large shifts in a short amount of time.

Three years after starting this blog, I reached a point in my journey that wasn’t nearly as full of anger and pain, and here on the final post, you’ll find a link to a new blog. If you’d like to start from the beginning there, here’s the first post of the new blog, Remembering My Divinity.

Along my path of healing from childhood abuse, I opened up to myself as a spiritual being. It was not planned, and being spiritual is nothing I grew up knowing anything about. It just happened as I was trying to feel better in life; to not feel so angry inside, and to heal addiction to food. As I healed triggers, took my power back, and established personal boundaries, I was reminded over and over that I am always connected to the Divine. These days, I see life from different perspectives, and it’s helped me tremendously to deal with a boatload of pain and suffering.